BIM – a Tool, an Approach, a Paradigm

An Arch-Intelligence team Article

Redefining the way we think and work when designing landscapes

By Oren Bar-Ner & Nehama Shechter Baraban

Building Information Modeling, or BIM. Doesn’t sound very earthshattering, does it? Anyone not in the AEC sphere would have a hard time guessing just how far reaching the impact these three nondescript words, and everything that they represent, have had on the discipline of architectural design.

The truth is that sometimes, even design professionals may not fully appreciate just how profound the BIM paradigm shift really is. This is especially true for us landscape designers, who, with the aid of tools like Environment for Revit®, have only recently been able to confidently move forward in the world of BIM.

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Introducing the Environment for Revit Business Plan

The licensing plan that will better your business.

Flexibility. It’s one of our core values and the endless possibilities afforded by Environment for Revit are a clear testament to this.

So…. When our clients told us that they really like the idea of the Corporate Licensing Plan, but that the 10 seat minimum is a bit too much for their needs, we, of course, listened. With just a 3 seat minimum and boasting the same centralized administration as the Corporate Plan, the Business Licensing Plan is perfect for small to medium offices or specific departments within larger multidisciplinary firms.

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Site Modeling in Revit® – the Environment Way

Tagging Building Pads in Revit® – A Custom Dynamo Script Wrapped as a Gift

UPDATE: We added the option to change the location of the text using a dedicated parameter in the Dynamo player.

Our focus in this series of posts is, through practical solutions to real-world problems, 4 to help landscape and site-design professionals get the very most out of adopting a BIM approach in their work. As such, when our latest appearance on Revit Pure Live (RPL) turned up an issue not directly related to Environment, but most definitely relevant to our community of users, followers, and readers, we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to chip in. As you might expect from our team of Revit-loving experts, we not only found a solution, but also packaged it up so anyone who needs it can easily implement it.

Use plain text to automatically tag

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Your chance to influence which new features we’ll develop for Environment for Revit® !

As 2021 fades into memory and the opportunity presented by 2022 looms large before us, we’re grabbing the new year with both hands by including the Environment community in our development plans. Yes, we’ve decided to give you, our matchless group of customers, fans and LinkedIn followers, the chance to be heard and let us know which of our potential features would best serve your needs.  

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It’s a Wrap – Environment for Revit® has a Stellar 2021

In 2021, Environment further proves itself to be the best BIM software for landscape architecture.

Time. They say that it flies when you’re having fun. They’ve got it 100% right!

After recovering from the initial shock of the COVID 19 pandemic, and resulting lockdowns, social distancing, and what not, we hunkered down at Arch-Intelligence and went into overdrive. The result – 18 major new features, a multitude of improvements, enhanced usability, increased market penetration, expanding channels, and much beyond. What’s more, with our incredible Arch-team, we had a blast. So, despite the continued COVID rollercoaster, 2021 has whizzed by, and we’re revving up for 2022, which looks like it will leave ’21 in plumes of dust.

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Site Modeling in Revit® – the Environment Way

Rooftop garden design – How to Create Different Top & Bottom Slopes for a Revit Floor

With this post, we’re doing what we love! We’re initiating a new series of posts that shows our approach to solving common Revit challenges for site and landscape design. Whether it be an underground parking lot, or the roof of a tall building, there are numerous cases where we site designers need to model green areas that lie on rooftops, not the ground.

A Revit® floor with different top and bottom slope
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HoorA – Top Grades for Environment at Autodesk University

Celebrating our AU2021 Top Rated Class Award for our class- ‘Landscape modeling in Revit with Environment tools: Overview and workflows’

We don’t like to toot our own horns, but hey, our very own Nehama Shechter-Baraban crushed it at Autodesk University (AU) last month. AU attendees showed their love for Nehama’s session by rating it as one of AU 2021’s top classes, and AU organizers recognized this achievement by posting it on their “Best of AU 2021” page.

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