Shared Coordinates in Revit -Explained

A theoretical and practical guide on how to get it right, and why the ‘Set Coordinates’ tool was invented.

One of the main causes of confusion when it comes to Shared Coordinates, is that we often fail to geolocate our projects to begin with. And then, even when you do everything ‘by the book’, your Revit links might fall out of place for no apparent reason.

In this article, we will demystify the topic of Shared Coordinates in Revit, as well as provide the practical steps required for you to master Revit coordinates.

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The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: Why Rhino & Revit Together Are a Landscape Architect’s Dream

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has revolutionized the construction industry, offering a collaborative and data-rich environment for project delivery. But let’s face it, not every project starts within the rigid structure of BIM. For many designers, especially in the realm of conceptual design, the freedom and flexibility of Rhino, with its unparalleled capabilities for free-form shapes, rules. However, as projects progress, the need for BIM becomes inevitable. This creates an obstacle – how can we seamlessly translate those initial, creative ideas from Rhino into Revit- the BIM powerhouse?

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Important Information Regarding Environment for Revit® and Revit 2025

*UPDATE: This issue has been fixed from Environment for Revit® version 13.0

We’re excited about the release of Revit 2025! However, we discovered that having Environment installed can cause Revit 2025 to crash.

We are actively working on making Environment fully compatible with Revit 2025, and a fix will be available very soon.

In the meantime, to avoid crashing Revit 2025, please follow these steps:

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Landscape Architecture is Turning a new Page

How Environment for Revit® has helped landscape architects and BIM professionals at Page.

“When I discovered the environment plugin it turbocharged my adoption of Revit .”

Evan Granito, Landscape Architect. Page.

Page is a 125 year old, international multidisciplinary, firm based in the United States, with over 1300 trained staff. Credited with the architectural design of many iconic projects, including the  Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, Page is known not only for combining beauty with function but also for being a frontrunner in deploying the most advanced technologies.

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5 (or more) Environment for Revit® Tools That Architects Adore ?

Hey fellow architects!

You probably heard about Environment for Revit®, the plugin that’s making outdoor and site design more accessible in Revit. As BIM takes center stage in the AEC industry, keeping pace is crucial for landscape architects.

But here’s something you probably didn’t know: Environment is equipped with over 55 tools hidden up its sleeve. These tools are like a magic wand against Revit’s limitations, and they’re very useful for architects, interior designers, and even civil engineers who use Revit! No matter your role, these features can make your work easier.

Let’s explore 5 (or more) of these tools in Environment for Revit® that not only Landscape Architects can enjoy.

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