Revit 2025 is Here and We’re Breaking it Down with BIM PURE!

Revit 2025 is here with new landscape & site design features!

● A BIM PURE Live session about Revit 2025, its new tools and the benefits of Environment for Revit®.

Environment for Revit® 13.0 coming soon with new Planting & Grading tools, fully compatible with Revit 2025.

● New: BIM for Landscape 101 course on BIM PURE.

Attention Landscape Architects and BIM Enthusiasts!
Revit 2025 is here, packed with upgrades to streamline your workflow, especially for landscape and site design.
BIM PURE hosted Nehama and together they showcased the coolest new site design tools of Revit 2025 and demonstrated how to leverage them with Environment for Revit®.
Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • Effortless Cut & Fill Calculations with Toposolids
  • Master the New Revit 2025 Excavation Tools
  • Building Pad vs. Mass Void: Understanding the Difference
  • Enhance Excavations with Environment for Revit®
  • Rhino Assets & More: Explore Environment’s New Features

Watch the full session now!

Get Excited for Environment for Revit® 13.0!
Coming soon, Environment 13.0 brings a wave of powerful upgrades, including:

Planting Families Tool: Effortlessly create custom planting families to save time and resources.
Alignment Tools: Design roads with ease by drawing your path or importing one.

Revit 2025 Compatibility:
Environment might cause temporary issues with the new Revit version. Until Environment 13.0 arrives, read about the solutions here.

Environment 13.0 is fully compatible with Revit 2025!

New BIM for Landscape 101 Course on BIM PURE!

Ready to integrate landscape architecture with BIM?

This introductory course by landscape and BIM expert Nehama Shechter-Baraban is perfect for:
● BIM professionals seeking to enhance their landscape knowledge
● Landscape professionals taking their first steps in Revit and BIM

⏱️ Course Duration: 28 minutes 🗓️ Release Date: Wed, April 17th, 2024
Enroll Now: https://www.bimpure.com/blog/bim-for-landscape-101

Until next time…