Landscape Architecture is Turning a new Page

How Environment for Revit® has helped landscape architects and BIM professionals at Page.

“When I discovered the environment plugin it turbocharged my adoption of Revit .”

Evan Granito, Landscape Architect. Page.

Page is a 125 year old, international multidisciplinary, firm based in the United States, with over 1300 trained staff. Credited with the architectural design of many iconic projects, including the  Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, Page is known not only for combining beauty with function but also for being a frontrunner in deploying the most advanced technologies.

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5 (or more) Environment for Revit® Tools That Architects Adore 💛

Hey fellow architects!

You probably heard about Environment for Revit®, the plugin that’s making outdoor and site design more accessible in Revit. As BIM takes center stage in the AEC industry, keeping pace is crucial for landscape architects.

But here’s something you probably didn’t know: Environment is equipped with over 55 tools hidden up its sleeve. These tools are like a magic wand against Revit’s limitations, and they’re very useful for architects, interior designers, and even civil engineers who use Revit! No matter your role, these features can make your work easier.

Let’s explore 5 (or more) of these tools in Environment for Revit® that not only Landscape Architects can enjoy.

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Insights from Sherman Powell, Group BIM/CAD Manager at Urbis

Last month, AILA, the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects organized a captivating webinar titled “BIM for Landscape Architecture”, hosted by AILA’s CEO Ben Stockwin. This event featured three distinguished speakers, each offering their valuable insights.
Sam Macalister, Technical Lead at Autodesk®, delved into the highly anticipated landscape functionality of Revit® 2024. Ramin Shojaie, a Technical Consultant at Nexsys, provided an in-depth exploration of the Environment for Revit®.
Lastly, Sherman Powell, Group BIM Manager at Urbis, shared his invaluable experience of leading his landscape team to implement Revit for their landscape and urban projects.

In this article, we will explore Sherman’s key insights on adopting BIM and Revit for their daily work.

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Landscape architect Ragnhild Lied Børke at StudioNSW about Environment for Revit®

It felt like unlocking a new, bigger, and more versatile toolbox, specifically
designed for efficient collaboration and workflows across different disciplines

Says Ragnhild Lied Børke, the only landscape architect among 19 partners at StudioNSW, the Norwegian architecture firm. This plug-in is tailored to provide landscape architects with the necessary tools in Revit®, allowing for smoother workflows and better collaboration across phases and disciplines.

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Revit 2024 – Toposolid and Environment Topography tools within Vr. 11.

Note: This blog post expands upon RevitPure's post “10 TIPS TO UNDERSTAND THE NEW TOPOSOLID TOOL IN REVIT 2024” , so if you’ve already read it, you can skip to the second part that focuses on the updates to Environment for Revit® that support Revit 2024. If you are looking for a more comprehensive review of Revit 2024, check out the Revit Pure post.

Now it’s official – Autodesk has retired the “old” Toposurface and replaced it with a new category: the Toposolid. In this post, we will go through everything you need to know about the new Toposolid and cover all of the Environment tools that, as always, support and enhance the new Revit functionality.  

So, what exactly is a Toposolid?

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Topography Month in Revit®

The month of February was dedicated to celebrating topography in Autodesk Revit®, which involved showcasing various tools, expert workflows, and inspiring projects dedicated to landscape architecture and site design.
Topography, the study of the land surface, is essential in creating outdoor spaces that are sustainable, accessible, and well-planned, particularly in stormwater management and urban planning.
As Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology becomes more widespread, many landscape architects are switching to Revit and the Environment toolset to take advantage of its benefits.

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