Environment 12.0 is Here!

Prepare to boost your BIM workflow with Environment for REVIT®

✨ Version 12.0

This brand-new version packs 4 new cutting-edge tools and countless improvements that we just know you will love. So grab your coffee (or your favorite brain fuel), because we’re about to dive into some serious awesomeness!

4 New Tools:

Curb Ramp

Creating a curb ramp in Revit can be such a headache! This game-changer lets you define slope and size effortlessly, ensuring compliance with local standards, and saving you precious time. Think: Instant Curb Ramp, code-ready and scheduling-friendly!

Point Cloud to Topography

Do you ever feel like wrestling with point clouds? This tool delivers a knockout. Simply outline the desired area within your point cloud, and Environment will create a polished surface, filtering out any irrelevant points unrelated to the topography.

Rhino Assets

Collaboration just got a major upgrade. The Rhino Assets will blow your mind. It allows you to convert objects into existing Revit families or create new families with imported Rhino geometries and materials, all without requiring Rhino on your device. Seamless collaboration at its best! ?


Need to dig a hole? Environment 12.0 makes it a piece of cake. This beauty automatically creates excavation topography under selected elements based on your parameters. Earthworks calculations? Done. You’re welcome.

Draw Split Line (Curved)

In the lineup of upgrades, our Topography Tools just got a serious power-up – the brand-new Draw Split Line feature. Now, you can sketch not only straight but also curved lines at your preferred elevation. We’re proud to provide you with an easy way to draw arcs and splines directly on your topography!

Environment 12.0 is packed with a revamped interface and many more enhanced features. For more information, check out our user guide.

Want to see these tools in action? Watch the free demo of the new Environment for Revit® 12.0 features!

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Can’t wait to get your hands on the latest magic? Download the latest version of Environment here