Why is the “General Descriptions” button red?

A red button with the caption “Download new version” is appearing on the Environment ribbon. What should I do?

While installing the Environment plugin, I ran into an error, what do I do?

Why are some of Environment’s tools disabled?

How can I contact your support team?

How can I report a bug or a technical issue with Environment for Revit®?

How can I request a feature for Environment for Revit®?

I tried to use an Environment command and Revit® displayed an alert to contact the provider.

How do I download the latest version of Environment for Revit®?

My IT administrator had limited my access, how do I download the update?

How often Environment for Revit® releases updates?

Why is it important to always keep Environment up to date and how do I know if I have the latest version installed?

It seems like Environment for Revit® slows Revit’s performance or crushes, what can I do?

Is there an option for a silent installation for Environment for Revit®?

Can I turn off the Environment plugin in a specific Revit version so it would not appear in my ribbon?