How much does an Environment license cost?

What types of license plans you offer?

Are the plugin updates included in the license price?

Do you offer a floating license with multiple seats?

How do I find my local reseller?

Can I manage multiple seats via one email address?

It looks like my free trial is over; how do I buy a license?

I received an e-mail with my license key; what do I do now?

Do you offer a trial version? How is it different from the paid version?

I purchased a license and didn’t receive a confirmation e-mail.

I have a license; how do I use it on multiple computers?

How to transfer an Individual Plus license between users?

I have a new computer, How do I transfer my license to it?

I forgot my license key, what do I do?

Do you offer a volume discount for licenses?

Does it matter what email address was provided during the purchase of the license?

What are the acceptable payment methods to purchase Environment?

Do you offer an educational license for students?

I chose to pay by bank transfer. How do I get a Pro-forma invoice (payment request)?

Do you offer support and maintenance with the license?

How do I renew my license?

Can a Business License be transferred if an employee leaves the company?