Educational license for students

Our company aspires to support young professionals in the learning process, and therefore, we provide free access to Environment for Revit® app for educational purposes. We strive to ensure that as many professionals as possible can benefit from using Revit® with the addition of the Environment application.

On this page, you can request a free educational license for students by filling out the form below.
To speed up the verification process, we need you to attach a copy of your student ID or provide us with the Invite Code you received from your school.
You can ask for an Invite Code from the dean's office or from the Revit teacher if your school has one. If your school is not registered with our system and you think they should, ask them to do so, it is free.


  1. You cannot reuse email to get another educational license.
  2. The educational license can only be used on one device.
  3. In case of a breakdown or any major change in your computer you can assign the license to a new one, but the plugin will no longer work on the previous one. Once assigned to a new computer, your old computer will be blocked from using any / the educational license.
  4. Data about the user's equipment is stored in encrypted form and no one has access to them.
?Invite code is issued by your educational institution. This code allows you to get a license key for the entire period of your training.
Only educational institutions registered in our system can issue an invite code.

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